The most meaningful explorations in life come from innate curiosity.
We nurture and develop inquiry as a way of life.

What We Impart

The Schoolhouse By The Bay educational experience is one that is diverse, immersive and holistic, in a small school environment that bolsers their social and intellectual skills while nurturing their innate sense of curiosity and adventure.

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Our Programmes

Learning was never this fun!

Our programmes are designed to make learning more interesting. Find out how we can enhance your child’s learning experience now.

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Bilingual Programme / Language Immersion

2 Languages Are Better Than 1!

We believe than fluency in more than one language is not only a cognitive advantage, but the key to becoming a collaborative world citizen.

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The STEAM Approach

Hands-on learning in Science, Technology, Environment, Arts and Math prepare children for real world challenges.

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Specialist Model

In Singapore, we have a rich resource and that is our people. We have world class chefs, innovators, scientists, artists and so on. Learning from them is an incredibly rich learning experience. During each unit, a specialist will be invited to share their knowledge with our children.

Our teachers are specialists themselves.  They each have their own area of expertise in which they share with our students. They work with our students to provide a rich learning experience that stem from a thorough understanding and up skilling in their specialised field. Some of the speciality areas include – Visual Arts, Dance, Technology, Creative Design and Cooking.

Social Responsibility

We teach children to take responsibility for themselves and their environment. Learning to be responsible for their own personal belongings, proper care of their bodies, such as hygiene and eating right for a balanced and healthy diet.



We believe a strong literacy foundation is essential in a child’s formative years. Using globally recognised assessments for learning, we are able to fully understand each child’s individual needs to ensure that they are fully comprehending what is being taught to them. We encourage interaction and sharing. Reading and understanding the topics, as well as widening their vocabulary. Making them understand, be more expressive and easily articulate their needs.

Our programme is balanced.  Reading, Writing, Phonics, Vocabulary, Comprehension and Oral Presentation are all equally important when learning foundational reading and writing skills.  Some of the practices in our classroom to help support this balanced approach are: Weekly take-home readers, Guided Reading, Word walls, Journal writing, One-on-one Reading, and Speech & Arts Presentations.