Research demonstrates that becoming multilingual boosts cognitive function, increases IQ, sharpens perception, improves memory, hones problem-solving skills, raises test scores, and creates better negotiators. It helps students multi-task and strengthens critical thinking skills.

Teaching Methodology

Successful bilingual programmes are the result of intentional planning.  At Schoolhouse By the Bay, our programme is immersive by nature and carefully planned. Our English and Chinese programme allows students to learn the language in a meaningful and authentic way, while obtaining the language skills needed for future success in the target language.

Research tells us that to have bilingual success students need to:

· Be taught in target language exclusively

· Be surrounded by a physical environment that supports learning in direct ways

· Have extended periods of time for their brains to adequately process language and concepts

· Have extended and concentrated time to hear, process and absorb the language

Our methodological approach to Immersion Education allows your child to develop a natural ease in both languages.  Your child will be encouraged to explore, discover and communicate their independent thinking and problem solving skills in both English and Chinese.

Oral language is critical to the success of Chinese and English literacy for younger students. The foundation for reading and writing comes through the children’s experiences with oral language. Although oral language is the main focus in the early years, reading and writing are encouraged and developed at the same time. We encourage our students to pen down their thoughts in their personal journals to record their improvement.

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