We are influenced by the STEAM approach to education. The E is very important to us. E stands for Environment. The Environment encompasses Our School, Our Local Community and Our Singapore.

Our Environment – Our School
We learn how caring for our school is important to us and the community. Such things as caring for the classroom, watering plants, and tending to pets help children develop practical and social skills that enable them to be capable and self-reliant.

Our Environment – Our Community
We learn about family, culture, traditions, values, responsibility, and charity work within the community.  By going on various field trips and having special guest speakers, we explore the work of local farmers, craftsmen and business owners to better understand how our community works. Students are also exposed to cultural music, customs and traditions of people in Singapore.

Our Environment – Our Singapore
We learn how we can make a difference in Singapore and its environment. Through summarised news articles that have real-life context, students will understand how to create a sustainable environment and apply their problem solving skills to help make Singapore a better place.

Educational Technology
We offer a technology-forward curriculum. Through inquiry and project-based learning, we bring together science, technology, environmental learning, arts and math as children attempt to find new answers to real world problems.

Within an inquiry-based programme, students have access to digital tools – important in today’s world where the pace of technological change is ever increasing. Children need to be equipped with the digital literacy skills for their future success. Technology provides opportunities for our chidren to learn, connect, innovate and collaborate.  At the same time, we want to ensure your child learns how to use technology in a safe and responsible way.

Students have access to iPads in their classrooms as a shared resource.  With their iPads, each student can access award-winning educational apps, child-friendly Internet resources, and learning programmes.

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