Where Are They Now

Rachael Lim En Yi

Rachael started in The Learning Ladder in 1999, she then graduated from the school in 2003.  She and her classmates are still in touch and they all remember the fond times spent during their early years at The Learning Ladder. She recently graduated from high school and has just begun her school term at Nanyang Technological University. She says her start at our school helped her to develop critical thinking skills and open mindedness.

Isla Douglas

Isla started at our School in 2002. She is now 8 years old and is fluent in Chinese thanks to her strong start at our school. She has fond memories of her time spent with us. She especially loved her connection with the teachers. After living in Singapore for most of her early years, she is now on a journey back to Canada to live and start school there. She will take with her, her rich experiences from abroad along with her ability to speak two languages!

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