Imagination Comes Alive!

The Schoolhouse campus is situated in a lush and green environment in the heart of the Katong Community Centre. The school flows across 3 levels, the campus comprises purpose-designed classrooms, an imaginative play space, canteen, gymnasium and dance studio.

We invite you to come and explore our campus and experience the Schoolhouse By The Bay for yourself.

Learning Experience Playgrounds
Our school’s playground is a unique structure to Singapore. Designed by Henry Steed and Associates, in conjunction with educators, the playground is a discovery learning center in itself. Each small landscaped hill has its own learning structure with activities ranging from a garden, to a lookout tower, to a dramatic play area. There are a number of learning opportunities that incorporate texture, sound and movement in the playground as well.

Music and Movement Studio
Our music and movement studio provides an open space for creative movement classes, drama, and dance. The wood floor and mirrored walls make it an excellent practice venue for school performances as well.

51 Kampong Arang Road (off Fort Road and Mountbatten Road) Singapore 438178